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Our Story

Holy & Victorious symbolizes the process of growth.

Our goal is to motivate, inspire & empower.

Each bar is a part of the process. 
The first bar stands for the basic knowledge and skill you already possess. 
The second bar stands for the place where you desire to be.
Once there, you realize there's a lot more to learn, so you step down to the third bar.
As you continue on to the fourth bar you feel as if you're not making any progress at all.
You feel worse off than when you started, but you've invested so much time and energy already that quitting is not an option, so you continue on.
Then you finally reach the final bar. 
That's the moment where you excel and finally master the process.

Our logo is a constant reminder of this cycle and is meant to remind you to move to the beat of your drum while you grow through the process. 

Holy & Victorious is a way of life - it's about integrity, dedication, and willpower.

It's about moving as a unit, even when you're alone. It stands for respecting others even when you disagree with them. We stand for humanity and love.

Started as a brand for our personal crew, but now available for our worldwide family. Our roots are all over the world, but we're based in The Netherlands.